Anmarkati Verspreiders is a fuel logistic firm, established in 1969 with a proven history in the freight logistics of liquid products from Diesel, Petrol, Oil, Illuminating Paraffin.

Anmarkati Verspreiders is shaping the future in fuel logistics.
Innovation, customer satisfaction and speed of response are vital, Anmarkati Verspreiders ensures the best service is always achieved by securing the best suppliers, integrating them seamlessly into the supply chain and information network to deliver a world class service. We proudly wear the title as the best logistic company in South Africa
With Anmarkati Verspreiders you are assured of “First for Safety, First for Value” in trucking and logistics with a management team that drives innovation and exceeds customer expectations.
Be assured that at Anmarkati Verspreiders we offer a service that utilises the best vehicles & transport logistics, the best trained drivers and above all is delivered on-time at the best value in the market.

Experience the difference with Anmarkati Verspreiders

Anmarkati Verspreiders employ advanced technology in a number of areas of our operation including transport management, vehicle optimisation, on truck computers, vehicle telematics, business intelligence and our customer web portal.
Technology is an important part of our strategy and is employed to enhance our customer service and ensure we have efficient operations.
Our vehicle optimisation software are centralised for transport planning. the Telematics solution provides vehicle tracking and driver performance information through advanced analysis instruments.
These systems enable Anmarkati Verspreiders to ensure our fleet is both scheduled and operated efficiently while giving customers access to real time information about their orders.
At Anmarkati Verspreiders we have developed a dependable, efficient and competitive distribution service, providing a solid foundation upon which our customers rely.

We are very proud of our network transportation system, allowing us to transport freight consignments of local companies and global organisations reliably, anywhere in South Africa.

We have an extensive fleet of vehicles to support a range of deliveries, including our timed, next day, economy or out of hours services.

Our modern on-line booking system can provide a real time track and trace of all your consignments – while we also handle traditional orders through email, phone and fax!

We pride ourselves on a proactive approach and notifying customers of any delivery issues. All our staff wear Anmarkati Verspreiders uniforms and carry identification.

We would be delighted to discuss any collection and delivery requirements, and organise solutions on your behalf.