Breakbulk Logistics

Break bulk cargo are pieces of machinery or components that are oversized, or that require heavy lift. Basically, break bulk cargo cannot be containerized. It is oversized cargo that cannot be broken down into small enough pieces to be put in a container.

The concept of moving cargo from Point A to Point B is simple. But the work is difficult and unforgiving. Anmarkati Verspreiders have the knowledge, expertise, experience, connections, and care for all of our break bulk shipping.

Most logistics distributors are familiar with the more common methods of moving cargo, such as container shipping and freight forwarding, but what if a piece of cargo is too big to fit in a container or too heavy for a standard truck? What options does a transporter of oversized cargo have? The answer can be found in breakbulk logistic transport.

Breakbulk Explained

Breakbulk cargo is defined as general cargo or goods that do not fit in or utilize standard shipping containers or cargo bins. Breakbulk is also different from bulk shipping, which is used for cargo such as petroleum products or grain. Instead, breakbulk cargo is transported individually, oftentimes on a skid or pallet or in a crate.

Examples of breakbulk cargo include construction equipment, manufacturing materials, oversized vehicles, boats, cranes, turbine blades, ship propellers, generators, large engines, mining equipment and more.

In the early days of logistics transport, moving goods was most commonly breakbulk. However, with the increased use of more efficient and secure shipping containers in the late 1960s, it is now generally reserved for cargo that is too heavy or large to fit in a container. Though an effective method of shipping oversized cargo, breakbulk shipping is more time-intensive than container shipping because each piece must be loaded and unloaded individually, oftentimes with special equipment.

Benefits of Breakbulk Shipping

The main benefit of shipping in this manner is the ability to move oversized, over-weight items that wouldn't otherwise fit into a container or cargo bin. Simply getting these large items from point A to point B via such a service is a big plus for many shippers.

But there are other benefits, too. In some cases, breakbulk can be an affordable way to transport such large cargo — since the item will not have to be dismantled to transport. This same benefit applies in terms of speed. When you reduce the time spent in deconstruction and re-construction, the item will be ready for dispatch upon arrival much more quickly.

Making it Work

Trucks that are used for breakbulk shipping are often outfitted with flatbed or specialised trailers and other pieces of equipment to accommodate such loads. It's true that attempting to transport oversized and heavy items is more difficult than more standardized cargo, but companies like Anmarkati Verspreiders is highly capable and ready to handle the job. With Anmarkati Verspreiders' expertise and equipment, it is possible to move nearly anything, anywhere by truck.