Oil Suppliers

Anmarkati Verspreiders can supply you with all your oil needs. We have been delivering to our customers for 47 years. Through this time we have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in the oil and fuel sector, working closely with Engen as a supplier of their high quality products.

We are so confident in our experience, service and products that we’ve decided to compile a list of 5 reasons why choosing Anmarkati Verspreiders is the best decision you can make.
1. We have nearly 47 years of experience in giving you, the customer, what you want, when you need it.

2. We guarantee an unbeatable service all round.

3. Benefit from our huge buying power and specialisation in Engen Products.

4. We currently have a fleet of 12 tankers on the road, which enables us to service our clients almost immediately.

5. The personal touch. We have a reliable maintenance team that enables us to install and maintain equipment at the premises of our customers.